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  • Admin Building at Coca Cola Chennai

  • Admin Building at Cipla Ltd., Bangalore

  • Explosives Yard – Biocon Hyderabad

  • Construction of Restaurant Building at Bangalore International Airport

  • Construction of API plant, Syngene International Ltd, Bangalore

  • Construction of Solvent Yard – Syngene, Bangalore

  • Construction of ETP – Coca Cola Chennai

  • Construction of R &D Building Syngene International Ltd, Bangalore


Construction of College Building International Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore

Construction of Green Field Factory Complex M/s Anthem Bio-Sciences Ltd, Harohalli Industrial Area, Bangalore



Behind our ability to offer high quality construction solutions, is adequate infrastructure across our office and project sites. At the heart of our success is the perfect mixture of qualified men and machine, working in together with a precise plan, to create world-class constructions and infrastructure. Continual investments in machinery and equipment backed by regular preventive maintenance allows us to provide customers with high-class construction services across South India. To keep our growth plans intact, we invest around 25% of our profits in equipments, machineries and facilities every year.

Currently, we have adequate financial and infrastructure capacity to execute single largest project up-to Rs. 50crores in 12months. We also have a Fabrication facility with state of the art CNC Machines to process 100MT of sheet metal / Structural fabrication per month